Pay with palms. The unique technology from Amazon

Pay with palms. The unique technology from Amazon

Imagine you being able to pay for purchases in a supermarket without credit cards or cash but with your palms. This is not the first time the world famous company Amazon has surprised customers with contactless payment options. Don’t forget this online store has received US approval to use drones to deliver goods also.

Hands pay for you

The world has not had time to recover from the possibility of payment with face. This technology is just being introduced in Ukraine. This was recently announced by the management of Privatbank. The Amazon already sells its products thanks to palm scanners. This is truly revolutionary technology because no one has done this before.

The bottom line is the system synchronizes the palm print with the person’s bank card. That is, after all the goods are pierced by the cashier, the buyer only needs to bring his hand to the sensor.

This payment method is available in two of the company’s stores located in Seattle only. This innovation is planned to appear in all other US stores. Amazon experts do not exclude they can share the technology with other retailers. The plan is to sell Amazon One to other companies for use in offices, stadiums and stores.

It is a high probability hand-based payments will become available globally over time, increasing the security of monetary transactions. Dilip Kumar, vice president of retail at Amazon, spoke about some of the features of the new technology.

To obtain high accuracy in palm identification, the system needs to do more than just scan the lines in the palm. The following will also be scanned:

• Brushes

• Bends of the arm

• Subcutaneous elements

• Veins

Experts said this will allow better identification of the palm and its owner. Now the buyer can use only two bank cards. Each of them can be tied to one of two hands. If the system fails on one hand, you can try the other, that is, scan the other hand. It is conveniently. The developers rule out problems but the system is working in test mode in Seattle only.

The quarantine restrictions in USA with a total mask regime are not planned to be canceled. So payment with hand is becoming more relevant than payment with a face. This way, you can make contactless payments, keep the buyer and seller safe, avoid carrying a credit card with you and worry about leaving it at home.

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