Don’t like your passport photo?

Don’t like your passport photo?

This problem can be solved at the age of 25-45. The photo can (and even need!) be changed. This must be done within 30 days after you reach the appropriate age. If you do not have time, then you will need to make a passport in the form of an identity card.

The procedure takes place in the territorial divisions of the state migration service at the place of registration. Pasting a photo into your passport is completely free.

There are legal consequences if the replacement of the passport was not made on time:

✅ document proving the identity of a citizen of Ukraine is considered invalid. A person does not have the right to draw up any documents. For example, he cannot even get a job.

✅ you need to pay a fine, the amount of which will depend on the expiration date of the passport.

What if the photo could not be inserted due to quarantine?

If you forgot to paste a photo during quarantine, you can do it after a month.

The law of Ukraine states all deadlines for submitting applications for the provision of administrative and other services are suspended for the period of quarantine. The terms for the provision of these services have been terminated for the entire period of quarantine and other restrictive measures.

How to cross the line of contact if your passport is damaged?

A new Procedure for crossing the contact line, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, has been in effect since 2019. According to it, a person from the territory not controlled by Ukraine can cross the checkpoint, entry-exit point with a damaged, expired passport or without it at all.

You need to contact the territorial office of the migration service. Yhey will take your documents and paste a photo. You will be given a certificate. You can cross the contact line, return back with it if you are unable to stay for several days in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

⚠️ Please note if you issued a passport in the form of a 1994 booklet in a territorial subdivision does not yet operate or it is located in an uncontrolled territory, then you need to take with you other documents confirming your identity. For example, a driver’s license, passport or birth certificate.