What to do if a microloan is issued in your name?

What to do if a microloan is issued in your name?

To accept a microloan from a microfinance organization, you just need to register on the MFO website and enter all the necessary data. The process is short-lived and uncomplicated. So it is increasingly used by unscrupulous people.

How to act if a fraudster took out an online loan in your name?

You need to apply to the MFO with a request to provide duly certified copies of the loan agreement. Documents must contain the number, date of conclusion, details of the lender, as well as documents confirming it was you who entered into the contract. It is also worth noting in your appeal to the MFO you personally did not enter into any loan agreements with the MFO, did not receive funds (if necessary, provide the necessary evidence) and demand the debt accrued to you.

RYou need to record all telephone conversations with MFO staff or collection companies. They will try to collect the appropriate debt from you. These materials can be used as evidence of illegal actions of such organizations in the future. Report to law enforcement that a criminal offense has been committed against you, including fraudulently obtaining a loan for you. If you wish, inform the Cyber ​​Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine about the conclusion of an online loan in your name by an unauthorized person.

Submit a complaint about the conclusion of an online loan agreement in your name by an unauthorized person using forged documents to the National Bank of Ukraine for verification and receipt of explanations from the MFO. If all of the above actions did not lead to the desired result, you should go to court with a statement of claim declaring the loan agreement invalid. When considering the case, it will be necessary to provide evidence that you did not enter into an agreement, did not know about its existence, did not register on the MFO website and did not correspond with them at all.

It is worth filing a petition with the court to request the mobile operator of the number was specified for obtaining a loan, information about the location of a mobile device with a phone number and a printout of SMS messages, as well as request information from a banking institution to whose account (card) funds are credited. After the fact of fraud is proven, we recommend to contact the Credit Bureau with a request to remove the record of the disputed credit debt from your credit history.

Remember, even if the MFO revoked the right to claim on the debt of the collection company, no one without your permission has the right to enter apartments or houses, take any things from it, force them to pay the debt, take on the functions of the state executive service. These are all criminal offenses that are prosecuted by law.