How does New Zealand offset low voter turnout?

How does New Zealand offset low voter turnout?

The low voter turnout is not only a problem for Ukraine. This is what most democracies in the world face. People are either confident everything is fine, or they desperately do not believe in the right to vote. That’s why they don’t want to come to the polls.
Different countries struggle with this problem in their own way. It depends on the ideas of the activists. Celebrities urge society to vote in the United States for example. Lady Gaga actively fought for the turnout in the presidential elections this year. New Zealand has found an original way to boost voter turnout.

The “Russian trace” in New Zealand elections.

The campaign “Every Kiwi Voice Matters” was carried out here. The voice of every citizen has value this means. They invented the Russian Victor, who steals the votes of everyone who is not vote.
Videos were recorded with a characteristic person who looks like a crime boss from the 90s. This actor has a distinctive accent and a formidable appearance. This image made a serious impression on the New Zealanders. Victor threatens to interfere in the elections if the citizens of the country do not themselves.
The ad was written by Tracy Lee, a woman who has lived abroad for 15 years. This campaign is aimed at such citizens primarily. There are 600,000 New Zealanders living outside who are eligible to vote, or 16% of the total. Their votes can affect the election results significantly. Only 60,000 people voted in last selection. It is th one tenth.
Russian Victor reminds: you can vote online. Even “VPN is not required” for this. The using of provocative method is the essence of this program. That is if New Zealanders do not make decisions in their own country, then foreign countries will begin to do this. Tracy Lee’s main message to her fellow citizens is ” the democracy works only when we participate in it.”

The advertising results

This provocative method affects citizens. For example, the turnout was less than 80 percent in 2017, and it grew by almost 3 percent in 2020. This despite the fact that the world is living in a state of Covid-19 pandemic. This is the step towards promoting democratic initiatives. The more citizens will participate in government elections, the trust will be higher in the elected. The electoral manipulation is feared not only in Europe, but also in faraway New Zealand.

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