New 400,000 employees for Amazon in 2020

New 400,000 employees for Amazon in 2020

Many people associate Amazon as a “dream job”. It is not exactly. Let’s consider, what the company is doing to maximize the productivity. Amazon is a huge company where many would like to get a job. The Open Markets Institute has conducted a study of the Amazon retail environment. The published material states:

? Amazon demonstrates recordings from videocameras in warehouses during work. These are not real-time recordings. This is a record of the theft of former employees.

? Workers have a performance indicator. It is changing constantly. Employees do not know anything about these changes. An employee must work with all his might, without even realizing how well he is doing. It is difficult psychologically.

? Amazon counts the number of seconds between each task using an item scanner (the main task of that is to fulfill customer orders). When employees fall behind Amazon’s chosen performance (for example, the number of packets processed per hour), the software in the scanners scolds and then, if the employee is still not doing well, automatically fires him.

? Warehouse workers are thoroughly vetted to make sure they have not stolen goods from Amazon at the end of the working day. This procedure takes about an hour and it is not paid for.

? Amazon employees cannot take anything with them to work other than a plastic water bottle and a transparent bag of money (no phones, players, etc.

These are just a few of the tools the company uses to prevent theft and improve employee productivity.

The unique HR solutions during a pandemic

It was strange to learn about the increase in jobs in the company’s warehouses against the backdrop of such working conditions. The pandemic is reshaping the global economy. Amazon is hiring 400,000 people in 2020, while Disney and American Airlines are cutting 28 000 and 19 000, respectively. The company has 1.1 million employees in its warehouses, i.e. by 2020, they have increased the warehouse staff by more than a third. It is in order to understand the scale of the expansion. This suggests that the retail is moving from offline to online.
The company decided to save on the safety of its employees in the era of coronavirus. Warehouse workers have been complaining since spring that the company is not paying attention to the pandemic. Due to the constant turnover of staff and layoffs for the disclosure of any insider information, it is impossible to know the exact number of infected. But Amazon says 20 000 warehouse workers in the US have fallen ill.

The Amazon staff solution

European and the US employees have banded and signed a petition. It urges Amazon to introduce stricter security regulations. The information reached the press, and now Amazon has pledged $4 billion to cover costs associated with the pandemic. These costs are unlikely to undermine the company much, as Amazon’s profits soared 40% in 2020 to $88.9 billion.

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