How many Ukrainians received UAH 8000 of aid? And how many have refused it?

How many Ukrainians received UAH 8000 of aid? And how many have refused it?

The President promised each officially employed citizen and entrepreneur UAH 8000. So how many people agreed and received this money? Who had the right to receive this money?

How many people were able to receive money?

According to the press service of the President’s Office, up to half a million Ukrainians received one-time aid from the state. More than 3.5 billion hryvnias were transferred to this program. This is until the end of 2020, and at the beginning of next year, payments continued and ended until the start of quarantine on January 8.

According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, thanks to this program, half a million jobs were saved. People didn’t have to collect hundreds of unnecessary papers to deal with officials. All you had to do was fill in a few fields in the Action application.

Applications could be submitted by anyone by the end of 2020, and financial payments began on December 22. The system determined whether a person is entitled to receive this payment. There was no human factor. So the possibility of corruption or long waiting for a decision disappeared.

Why did the Action help to effectively distribute money among entrepreneurs?

According to the Ministry of Social Policy the mobile assistant “Action” worked best during the preparation for the quarantine. This application made it possible to receive UAH 8000. CItizens did not need to contact any official. Using the application, you could specify all the necessary data and do it anywhere, anytime.

The ability to avoid contacts with people was especially important during the viral epidemic. If this were done in the usual way, half a million Ukrainians would go to various government agencies, collect papers, and thus the virus would spread throughout the country much faster. According to the Ministry of Social Policy, about 712 thousand people had the right to receive assistance in the amount of UAH 8,000. The service was used by 480 thousand citizens. This is a third of those who could receive quarantine assistance. This amount of money was included in their paid taxes.

This can be explained by the fact people did not believe in the possibility of getting money quickly. They thought they would have to go through dozens of circles of bureaucratic hell.
Another positive signal for entrepreneurs was the reduction in the tax burden on businesses during the quarantine period. According to government officials, this will further reduce the unemployment rate in Ukraine.