How to start a online business in 2021?

How to start a online business in 2021?

The question of starting an online business gained a new wave of popularity in 2021. The quarantine restrictions still exist. The country’s economy is recovering rapidly. It is already showing growth. Of course, the quarantine will end sooner or later. What to expect after the opening of tax offices. We bring you information on how to start an online business. What is the best way to do this?

What do you need to prepare and what to think about before registering?

You need to decide on the type of your future financial activities. The NACE is used – the classification of economic activities. The site has all kinds and definitions. You can choose one or several types. It is the presence of an electronic signature. You can get it from AKCC or another authorized organization. But it’s not free. Before submitting documents, read the list on the website. This list may differ depending on the organization.

The head of the Ministry of Transformation Mikhail Fedorov said the Action will be able to use a digital signature.

Mobile application

Our country is moving towards the development of online technologies. The country in the smartphone is gradually becoming a reality. You can open RIF online on your smartphone in just 10-15 minutes. First you need to register in the application. You can use online banking in the application. For example, you can go through the Privat24 applications, monobank and others. After that, your documents, such as identity card, biometric passport, identification code, should be automatically transferred to the application from the registries.

You need to select the form corresponding to the service. Your completed questionnaire will be automatically sent to the address indicated in the questionnaire or at the place of registration. Next, you need to choose the form of taxation:

✅ Simplified

✅ General

If you choose the first one, the application will be automatically sent to the appropriate authority at the place of your registration. And if general, then you can apply for the payment of value added tax. You will find out about successful registration or refusal in your online office and will additionally receive an email notification. So you do not need to go to officials or call them regularly.

An extract will appear after registration confirming the existence of a business. It can be printed and used like other documents. It has the same legal force as the document was in the state authorities. You do not need to register a paper book of income from 2021. You had to buy it at your own expense early. It is being replaced by a regular form.

The registration via iGov

You can use iGov to register a business. You need to open the page and select “Business Services”. Then go to the “Data registration” section. You need “The state registration of business”. Not all actions can be registered on the site yet, but there will be more of them over time. A complete list can be found on the official website. The registration consists of a questionnaire and a choice of taxation system. Then select a business qualification and order the service. An email with the result will be sent to your email address.