How to deal with “post-holiday depression”? The psychological advices

How to deal with “post-holiday depression”? The psychological advices

Can’t gather your strength and start working productively after a vacation or celebration? Such a serious condition is called “post-holiday depression”. But psychologists do not consider this a serious deviation from the norm.

What is this pseudo-disease? What are the symptoms?

Some people become lethargic or look like “vegetables” after holidays (eg New Years). The reason for this problem is a long hectic fun, after which you need to start work without rest.
Symptoms of so-called “depression” include:

? Loss of motivation

? Procrastination

? Irritation

? General lethargy

? Sadness and laziness

? Aggression

? Fatigue and boredom

If you fall under these points, do not immediately panic and «say goodbye» to mental health. You can get out of this situation easily.

How to overcome depression?

Sometimes it can be difficult to cope with your inner laziness, so you don’t need to immediately engage in continuous work or creativity. Such a drastic change in activity will worsen mental and sometimes physical condition. Try to slowly get back to your normal routine.

If the work is difficult, hard and slow, stop and forget about all the responsibilities and problems a little. Try to distract yourself and focus on your feelings and needs. Take time to cheer up. Perhaps you have long wanted to read a book, go out with a friend, or hang out with your family.

Pay attention to your dream. The fatigue occurs often when you sleep too little or too much. Make sure you have a good night’s rest:

1️⃣ Darken the room well. Even light can ruin your dream dream, because for the subconscious it is a signal of awakening or danger.

2️⃣ Ventilate the room. The fresh, cool air will make you sleep more deeply. It will have a positive effect on your well-being and physical health.

Psychologists advise you to plan your future life, set goals for yourself also. This will give you additional motivation, a little ‘kick in the ass’ to help you move on.

If you still cannot actively immerse in work, you need to think about whether you really like the place of work, whether the salary and colleagues are satisfied. Often people do not want to work and put off things for later, because they do not want to return to a depressing team and an unpleasant atmosphere, give up precious time for a pittance and do what they don’t like.