Is the thesis true – there are no healthy patients but there are under-examined?

Is the thesis true – there are no healthy patients but there are under-examined?

Why people are scared by a visit to the doctor ? There is a misconception – a person will be prescribed a ton of drugs cost 10 his salaries or he will be treated with non-existent diseases. This mostly fables and human fears.

Where are they ?… completely healthy people ?

One of the most famous and widespread myths: people in cities get sick more than villagers. There are many explanations for this:

• Stressful work

• Ecology

• Non-standard working day

• Sedentary lifestyle

There are many such explanations. Also if a person sees a doctor. Then it turns out the reason was simple. The person will be laughed at and joked about native. We are afraid of neighbors condemnation. We postpone a visit to the doctor to the last, we pull to Monday, to wages, to better times and so on in a circle. You can accurately identify health problems in most cases if you conduct a detailed examination. There is one but a small defect in the body. The perfectly healthy people exist. Except for those who pass medical commission at the military registration.

What should we do to avoid receiving huge checks at the pharmacy?

The most common and banal phrase is to lead a healthy lifestyle. You have to decide you really need it. Then this advice will really help you. This does not mean you need to completely give up delicious food, exercise in the gym for 7 days week, quit all bad habits and start eating only broccoli. A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy sleep. This should be a minimum of 7 hours a day. It has been proven women need more sleep than men. So it is not surprising girl asks to sleep for an hour more on the weekend. There are will be no enough only 7 hours for a healthy sleep. It is desirable to start on time rest. If you go to a bed at 5 am and wake up at a lunch, it’s not the same as starting a rest at 11 pm and get up at 6 am. The body has the need for a night’s sleep. It is no necessary to immediately abandon your usual food and replace it with vegetables. The healthy food can be just as delicious.

You can not only fry meatballs but also steam them. It tasty, low in calories and healthy. This lunch will not contain excess fat which only deposited in the body. You can find an unlimited number of delicious recipes and healthy eating on the Internet.

It is clear with sleep and nutrition. What to do with sports? It is also easy. If you don’t have time to go to the gym and you don’t enjoy any sport you just need to start doing morning workout. If your mode is set up the need to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier will not create a problem. And you need to add an evening walk about an hour. This is the best prevention cardiovascular diseases. It improves sleep. Just one hour a day on foot walk. After a little change in lifestyle you will notice how you will start exercising not for 15 minutes but a half an hour.

Remember your health depends only on you and only you decide how healthy you are. Thanks to the UniExpert you can  easily choose the best medical center located near you if you need quality medical care.

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