One-year-old son of a deputy of Lviv region became the owner of a medical center

One-year-old son of a deputy of Lviv region became the owner of a medical center

Imagine how cool it is to start your business from the first year. You are still getting diapers changed and you are already an entrepreneur. Even Steve Jobs did not have such a success. Unfortunately, the Apple founder was not the son of a Lviv deputy.

Who is this lucky father of a one-year-old entrepreneur?

The happy father’s name is Grigory Kozlovsky. He is a deputy of the Lviv Regional Council from the EU party. His son turned 1 on May 9. A perfect age to become the owner of a future private medical center under construction on Rappoport Street.

Interestingly, one-year-old Yarema Kozlovsky owns five apartments in Lviv already.

The project “Our money. Lvov ”reported it. The information is included in the open state register of real estate cases. The house which will become a medical center has an area of ​​about 4.2 thousand square meters. Little Yarema Kozlovsky became the owner of this house in April 2021 on the basis of a donation agreement (we wonder how he signed this document?).

The child was born in a marriage with the singer Yulia Dumanskaya. Yarema is also the youngest and fifth child in the Kozlovsky family.

This future private medical center will have a maternity ward. It is a place where Yarema lived a year ago (where he was born, he came in handy there, as we say). The building is united by Lemberg Medical Central LLC. Incredibly, the owner of this construction company is the mother of our young hero, Yulia Kozlovskaya (Dumanskaya is her maiden name). But the firm is headed by Grigory himself, a respected deputy of the Lviv Regional Council.

The company has been leasing land for almost two years since August 2019 for such construction. So the parents began to hand over the land even before the birth of the owner – the incredible sagacity. Interestingly, there are several legal disputes related to the construction of the medical center. Firstly, the activists have doubts about the legality of such construction. It is not the first time Yarema Kozlovsky receives a large property. At the beginning of the year, he had an apartment already, as well as two parking spaces. He has two rooms for guest houses-boathouses. It occupy a total area of ​​almost 300 square meters. Well, it’s good to be the son of a deputy.