The cats flooded in a high-rise building – they were thirsty

The cats flooded in a high-rise building – they were thirsty

How dangerous is excessive love for cats? You probably know cases when lonely people get themselves “40 cats”. Do you know how much trouble this causes neighbors? Usually people are worried about the unpleasant smell of a large flock of cats. The article is about how cats can use the water element for their needs and to spite other people.

How did cat tragedy come about?

There was a real flood in Kiev: the apartments and the neighbors on four floors were flooded with water . It happened because the “poor: cats wanted to drink water. They opened the tap for it. It could not be closed then.

Was it due to the negligence of the owner of the cat? Not really. A 70-year-old woman was hospitalized with COVID-19. It turns out this infection not only kills, but can leave two dozen cats without water also.

The cats were thirsty. Yhey turned on the tap. The cats have seen their owner do it many times. 5 apartments were quickly flooded after that. Residents are already seriously thinking about selling this property. Because such problems arise approximately every six months. For the last three weeks, while the pensioner was in the hospital, a volunteer had to follow the cats. The woman asked him to observe the animals. But no one warned the volunteer cats can turn on taps and open doors.

Volunteer Polina Rasskazova said she saw a hot water tap open upon arriving at the scene of the tragedy. It filled the bathtub. The water poured out from it. Then she turned off the gas and water taps. Cats are fine. They got a little wet as a result of this incident.

What are the consequences of the situation?

The owner of the apartment herself is very worried about what happened. However, she does not say whether she will compensate for the losses. It will become known later, when the woman returns home.

The neighbors doubt someone will voluntarily compensate for material damage. It is not the first time they have been flooded. Every time it happens because the cats turn on the tap to quench their thirst. Neighbors also reported the owner of the cats is growing fungus in the kitchen due to past flooding. The apartment located two floors below has been renovated by the owners. Now the owners don’t know what to do: to sell an apartment or finish repairs. In fact, more than four apartments were flooded during this flood.

The common corridors, an elevator shaft and electrodes are flooded. Nearby there is a panel room. It is responsible for the electricity in the house. The owner of the apartment with cats must reimburse all losses incurred. The lawyer says it is necessary the victims go to the court. In addition, residents want to receive not only compensation, but also the woman will find new owners for some cats. This opinion is shared by the volunteer looking after the animals. A two-room apartment for 20 cats is not enough. The owner cannot give proper care.