Projects of Ukrainian schoolchildren will help the country from environmental pollution

Projects of Ukrainian schoolchildren will help the country from environmental pollution

Not only scientists are struggling with environmental pollution on the planet. Every high school student can explore this topic and offer effective solutions to the problem. Many Ukrainian schoolchildren have already proposed effective projects to help reduce carbon emissions and emissions plastic.

What projects did the students share during the TEDx JAS Countdown online conference?

The most urgent problem is the processing and disposal of waste in Ukraine. There are many scientists who are looking for new inventions to protect our environment. Students are not far behind and they are ready to offer interesting ideas.

One of the ideas was suggested by Polina Derkach. The girl prepared a project for reuse polyethylene. The point is to make parts for agricultural machinery.

The argument is this material is durable. Ten kilograms of polyethylene can be converted into 200 small parts for the agro-industry according to schoolgirl estimates.

Another project was proposed by Elizaveta Stolyarchuk. The girl has ideas for recycling use of solar energy. The essence of the project in the processing of organic waste into biofuels, and polymer waste into diesel fuel. This is not only an opportunity to cleanse the planet, but also there is energy efficient option.

This is possible due to pyrolysis: a chemical process at 500 degrees and without oxygen. Organic compounds decompose during this reactions and turning into gas or fuel. You can get 20-25% of diesel fuel from waste as noted inventor.

Another student, Eduard Shkulipa, suggests optimizing the time when the car is in traffic jams. This is achieved by the operation of traffic lights in each city. This will reduce carbon emissions.

The author suggests using virtual strips or special electromagnetic sensors to read the weight and speed of each car. This data will be passed to the principal

computer. The system will take into account which vehicle is more harmful to the atmosphere. Based on this, traffic lights will choose who to go first.

Another idea of ​​schoolgirl Tamara Palamar is to buy organic products or something else in eco-packaging. This will bring some bonuses to buyers. Such goods will have a special QR- code to find out which people or ecosystem they have helped. This project is called Your turn.

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