The “Action 2.0” Why are more and more citizens using the product of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and why is it beneficial?

The “Action 2.0” Why are more and more citizens using the product of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and why is it beneficial?

Are you using the Action app? If not, you’ve heard or read something on the news definitely. This is a unique development that allows you to implement the “Country in a Smartphone” program. It makes life much easier for millions of Ukrainians. The Action 2.0 showed numbers recently. The update presented by the Ministry of Digital Information contains new services and features.

What the Action allows users to do?

It became possible to issue the IE (individual entrepreneur) in 15 minutes after updating this application. Innovators have introduced a new way of digitally displaying documents such as a move certificate, tax number and place of registration. An updated LLC registration has been launched in the application. This process takes less time to collect documentation and becomes much easier now. You had to fill out a form that had 88 fields previously. It is almost half that. It is only 46 now.

You can register a child under 14 years old at the place of residence with the help of the portal “Action”. This is available only in the largest cities of the country. There are Kiev and Kharkov. But this service is planned to cover the whole of Ukraine by the end of the year.

Citizens will be able to pay fines and debts in enforcement proceedings with the update. The Action is becoming a payment instrument according to Minister Fedorov. It is important. It makes life easier for citizens. For example, fines are accompanied by a message in the app, and you can pay them there. No need to look for details and go to the bank.

You can check the validity of driver’s documents and submit a technical passport using a smartphone. Drivers know how difficult it used to be.

The Action retains the previous functionality in addition to updates. This application stores your digital documents. For example, a foreign passport, identity card, driver’s license and student ID. A digital copy is valid under the same conditions as the original in Ukraine. For example, you can create a bank account using digital documents.

The Action system was created to enable people to receive government services without queues and bureaucracy. For example, register for unemployment and arrange payments. All this can be done using a smartphone. Thousands of Ukrainians used this feature during the total quarantine in the spring of 2020.

The president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that it is impossible to stop the process of digitalization of the country and no state institution will be able to demand from Ukrainians documents in paper form from 2021. This means that the number of services from the “Action” application will only be grow, and this will make life much easier for millions of Ukrainians.

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