The “Passport Strength ” rating – Ukraine in 42nd place. Why? What does it mean?

The “Passport Strength ” rating – Ukraine in 42nd place. Why? What does it mean?

What are the advantages of citizens of our state when they are abroad ? Much has improved in the visa issue for Ukrainians over the past 6 years. Everyone has heard about the visa-free regime with the European Union, but that’s not all that a Ukrainian passport allows.

Why did the Ukrainian passport get the forty-second place in the rating “Strength of the passport”?

This is the international rating Global Passport Power Rank 2020. Every year the specialists of this analytical center provide detailed information on the possibilities of foreign travel for passport holders. The higher the position in the ranking, the more countries citizens can travel without a visa or receive one upon arrival. There are 115 such countries in the case of Ukraine. 115 countries can be visited by Ukrainians without a visa. That is, either you do not need a visa at all, or you will receive it immediately upon arrival.

For example, our position is better than that of such developed countries as Singapore, Israel and Turkey in the rating now. It should be understood that countries may have similar statistics. If we analyze thus, Ukraine ranks 12th in the ranking.

A citizen of Ukraine has a visa-free regime to 74 countries. And you can come without a visa in advance in 41 countries. You need to get a visa to eighty-three countries in advance before going there.

Germany ranks first in this rating. This allows their citizens to travel without a visa to 99 countries around the world. And thirty-five more countries allow Germans to obtain a visa after crossing the border.

South Korea, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Spain are also in the first place after Germany. Their indicators are quite similar to each other. So it is difficult to determine the best among them. They differ by 1-2 indicators in different characteristics. Some have more visa-free travel, and some countries have more, where a visa can be obtained immediately upon arrival.

This ranking is undergoing significant changes due to quarantine restrictions in the world currently. For example, the United States fell sharply in the rankings. It is far behind Ukraine now. American citizens have visa-free border crossing in only 58 countries.

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