The human trafficking is spreading on the Internet. What does the UN committee report?

The human trafficking is spreading on the Internet. What does the UN committee report?

The UN Women’s Rights Committee called on all members to use all legal and policy means to eradicate trafficking in girls and women.
A package of committee recommendations was released on November 11. Women and girls are the main victims of human trafficking. Many legal and policy measures have been taken to address this problem at both the international and national levels.

What does the UN Committee on the Protection of Women document say?

The women and girls trafficking is carried out through cyberspace. It creates difficulties for law enforcement officials. This problem was especially acute during the pandemic, as criminals began to use more actively to recruit potential victims:

✅ Chats

✅ Internet forums

✅ Social networks

Committee member Dahl Leinart says the problem of digital technology has exacerbated during the quarantine restrictions and closed borders. It used for criminal purposes, namely in human trafficking.

The UN Committee’s recommendations call on messengers and social networks to create and install monitoring tools to reduce the risks of sexual exploitation of women and girls. The UN officials are asking social media companies to use their databases to find and identify slave traders.

The authors of the document recommend UN members not only fight the consequences of human trafficking, but also eliminate the root causes of such crimes. The problem is related to gender discrimination in different countries and cultures. The main risk factors for human trafficking are:

‼️ Interethnic conflicts

‼️ Social and economic inequalities

‼️ Gender-oriented migration policy

Members of the UN Committee for the Protection of Women are convinced the international community should guarantee women not only independence, but also equal rights to employment and education.
Unfortunately, it applies to Ukraine. To protect yourself, you need to protect strangers. Everyone should report facts of slavery to the Anti-Trafficking Center. It is recommended to install the UniExpert application to have this number at hand always.