The process of real estate registering of Ukrainians has been launched

The process of real estate registering of Ukrainians has been launched

A new register has been launched. It will contain all information about the real estate of Ukrainians. This was announced by the deputy chairman of the Local Self-Government Committee Elena Shulyak. A unified state register will solve many problems. It is possible to get rid of confusion in different databases, where the indicators differ.

What problems will the unified real estate register help to solve?

After the deputies make amendments to the law “On the regulation of urban planning”, the following positive consequences can be obtained:

⚠️ Simplify the work of utilities and emergency services. For example, an ambulance will be able to quickly find out who lives at an address where medical assistance was called.

⚠️ Unified data, which simplifies working with documents. It will also allow officials to bring fewer family records and similar bureaucratic paperwork.

⚠️ Simplification of work with documents. This will improve the list of bureaucratic documents.

⚠️ Prevents fraud with real estate, as sometimes one property is registered at different addresses.

⚠️ The geoportal will be easier to use as the spatial planning of construction sites will become more accurate.

The address registry will be the only publicly available source of relevant information. This means that each land, house or apartment will have its own unique identifier. Once created, such a register of addresses will form the basis for the creation of a national real estate cadastre system. It is being developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

This step is very important, since the most complete and accurate source of addresses is the data of the CEC at present. But even this data is not enough, because all the information is scattered across different registers. They plan to unite it now.

There are even houses with several addresses in some cities. There is one street on one side and another on the other. There were even houses on one side of the street and odd numbers on the other. This is all the result of the chaos has reigned in real estate registries for many years. These collisions make it difficult for emergency services to find the home they need. This is happening not only in the private sector, but also in new buildings. But at such moments, time passes in seconds, especially during a global pandemic.

It is important to note the registries of addresses became open only in 2019. Each local government independently assigned an address or house number to any object before that.