The insurance from robots, CCLI for drones and other insurance of our time

The insurance from robots, CCLI for drones and other insurance of our time

Humanity is faced with new challenges. Every problem is a new business opportunity. There is also an old business, where there are many innovations – I’m talking about the insurance business. Here are some examples of insurance services might surprise you.

? The robot Insurance

The coronavirus has accelerated robotics even further. For example, in Japan, robots are used to disinfect premises. Amazon has been squeezing out juices not only from humans but also from robots for a long time. Unfortunately, robots are not perfect like us, and sometimes they hurt people and damage things. Therefore, Sompo Japan Insurance offers a new type of insurance – the protection against damage caused by robots.

? The insurance for bloggers and influencers

You can get insured if you talk too much about another person or company and you could be accused of defamation and sued for money. Or if you give bad advice and someone gets hurt by it. Think about it: you are being offered protection against the consequences of ambiguous statements.

? The cyber ​​risk insurance

You can recover damage from burglary, attacks, data theft: investigation costs, reputational issues, third party compensation, data recovery. You can compensate for lost income during downtime.

? The transgender transition insurance

Many insurers pay for gender reassignment surgery. But breast augmentation is just a few. Most consider them to be a cosmetic procedure without a medical indication. But the situation is changing. The New York Times recently wrote clients were demanding Aetna include transgender breast augmentation in health insurance. To be compensated, it must be proven it is part of the treatment for gender dysphoria.

? CCLI for drones

The Verkhovna Rada registered the draft Law on Amendments to the Air Code of Ukraine. It is proposed to introduce compulsory drone insurance by analogy with car insurance. This is under discussion, but in any case, drone insurance is already practiced.

? The demand insurance

The idea is: why pay for annual insurance if you only find yourself in risky situations occasionally? For example: in quarantine, the car is in the garage most of the time, so you are offered, if necessary, to “include” insurance in the application and pay by hour or distance. In the US it is offered by Metromile, in the UK by Cuvva.

? The telematics and «smart hull insurance»

Some companies, including those in Ukraine, offer to calculate the cost of the policy based on your driving style. The app records how fast you accelerate, how fast you brake, etc. – and neat drivers get a discount.

? Free insurance

The ZhongAn in China is the first insurance company in the world to go completely online, has (or had) a free health insurance program. You just need to add your basic actions to the application every day – and the amount paid will depend on your healthy lifestyle. The idea is to build a loyal customer base and then sell them paid services.