Four telegram channels useful for your business

Four telegram channels useful for your business

A telegram channel creating requires a lot of time and effort. The growth of subscribers is motivating. This article is in support of authors who run cool channels. We bring to your attention four personal telegram channels at once, three of which are conducted by net-pickers.

1. A channel about corporate culture and business.

@corcul is the telegram channel of the founder of the LMS platform Vladimir Polo. He knows how to notice details and find interesting things in business and corporate culture. For example, notice Steve Jobs’ 100 identical turtlenecks.

You can also write to Vladimir if you need to create a corporate university in the company. Companies like AJAX, Raketa, Work, Central Department Store and many businesses from Europe and the US have done so on its platform.

2. A channel with startup ideas we do not have time to implement

@onemanstartups is the channel of Radomir Novkovich, the founder of several companies in the Netpeak Group. Radomir gave an interview on the IT show “Point G” – be sure to check it out if you are interested in business in mobile applications.

3. A channel about SEO

@inseo_inweb – channel of Vladislav Naumov, head of SEO Inweb department. He writes about news and various nuances of website optimization. For example, how to delete URLs in bulk via GSC using a simple extension. There are more posts for professionals, but there are also reports of how the Australian government is trying to get Facebook and Google to pay for media links.

4. A channel about product management

Vladimir Merkushev previously worked in the companies «Kolesa», «Avito» and «Yandex», and now he works for OLX Motors. Vladimir talks about Lifehack in product management, announces events and reports from the offices of IT companies in his channel.