The Ministry of Digital Transformation showed a new portal where all government services are available. How can citizens use it?

The Ministry of Digital Transformation showed a new portal where all government services are available. How can citizens use it?

It is usually inconvenient to receive government services . There is no clear information in the public domain.  The process looks complicated and bureaucratic. The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has launched a modern information product “Guide to Public Services” to make life easier for citizens. This project provides in an accessible form information about all the services available from the executive branch.

What services can citizens get information about quickly and easily?

The service already offers users to learn in detail about 1170 government services. You will not only learn how to get them, but also get access to more detailed information:
? Terms of receipt
? Cost
? Location
? Method of appealing results
? Required documents
Information is constantly updated and new services are added. The ministry promises that the portal will provide the necessary information about absolutely all public services.
It is not difficult to find the information you need. All services are divided into special generalizing categories. There are 17 of them. They are divided by areas of activity and life events.
For example, these can be questions about buying real estate, starting a business or changing your place of residence. You can quickly find the necessary information about all this thanks to the Guide.
You need to understand public consultation portal is the official source of information. So if a government official asks you for a documen is not listed in the Guide, you should not provide that information. The link to the Guide is a legal argument to refuse the official.
A quality feedback is the advantage of this service . You can contact the moderators if you find an error in the information or cannot receive specific information. The feedback is useful for both users and the Ministry of Digital Transformation. It helps to improve the service, make it convenient and identify the most popular services that will be immediately offered to new users.

What are the most popular public services among Ukrainians?

Every citizen wants to receive accessible and understandable services for the taxes they have paid. Many institutions have introduced electronic queues, the ability to contact officials without a personal visit. It saves them time. This is just a list of innovations. Let’s remember the capabilities of the Action portal. It greatly simplified life.  What are the most popular public services in Ukraine:
✅ Registration and receipt of extracts for legal entities
✅ Obtaining or changing a place of residence
✅ Registration of the birth of a child
✅ Registration of changes in information about a legal entity.
This product is being marketed under the SURGe project. It is funded by the Government of Canada.


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