The real estate protection from raider capture

The real estate protection from raider capture

Do you have your own real estate for living or business? Maybe you have heard what raiding is.  This term is very scary for many companies in Ukraine. you need to use all possible methods of protecting property from raider seizure to be calm.

What do you need to do to protect your property?

It is important to include your real estate to the State Register of Real Property Rights. Many citizens have a paper document from the BTI on privatization only. Such certificates are also a legitimate way to register property. But there will remain the possibility of fraud with the use of forged documents, if there is no electronic registration. This will lead to a raider takeover. You need to contact a notary to enter data in the state register. Such a service is provided as private and public notaries. Experts advise to use the service “SMS-beacon”. It can be found through the official website of the Ministry of Justice. It helps to track and promptly respond to possible violations when the data about your property is entered in the register. You need contact immediately the state registrar with the documents confirming the ownership if you receive a message about any actions with your property.

How to stop illegal registration actions?

The legislation provides for two methods can be used. Firstly, it is possible to prohibit registration actions on the basis of an official court decision, which has already entered into legal force. But this process can take a long time.

You can also stop the registration process on the basis of an application submitted by the owner of real estate. Such a document must contain all the details of this case. Such a document will be valid for 15 days. The property owner has the right again submit such an application in 5 days after the term has expired.

Such actions will save time. It is important to submit a complaint to the official authorities of the State Complaints Commission. This institution will consider yours complaint within 30 days.

This will help not only to cancel the registration of criminal acts, but also to restore justice much faster than going to court. Experts recommend contacting a professional lawyer in such unpleasant situations. This will increase the chances that the process will go smoothly and protect your property as effectively as possible.

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