The income of Ukraine from paid cells in pre-trial detention centers. How much have we already earned?

The income of Ukraine from paid cells in pre-trial detention centers. How much have we already earned?

A special experiment of the Ministry of Justice is currently being carried out. You can buy a comfortable cell during the pre-trial investigation. This initiative has many advantages but it is criticized by various experts also. Is it really a good idea and what brings it to the Ukrainian budget?

What’s the point in paid prison cells in a pre-trial detention center?

The new initiative is criticized for discriminating against detainees who do not have money. The rich will be able to live in nice rooms. It violates the rule of “all are equal before the law”. However, such discrimination has always taken place. Crime bosses and rich corrupted people have always been able to get a room in solitary confinement with all the amenities because to illegal schemes. This money is received not by corrupt officials but by the state budget now.

The initiative has been criticized for giving criminals the opportunity to serve punishment in a cozy cell. But it is important to note persons who have not been found guilty by the court are placed in a pre-trial detention center under Ukrainian law. They are subject to the innocence presumption. 

Criminal authorities do not use new cells as practice shows. There is not only high-quality repairs and comfortable furniture in such rooms but also cameras that monitor the residents. Experienced criminal authorities choose ordinary cells and invest in their repair. The new service from the SIZO is most often used by honest people, perhaps not even guilty.

The initiative of the Ministry of Justice has already brought bonuses to the budget of Ukraine. The accounts of the special fund of the pre-trial detention center have already received more than 560 thousand hryvnia to official data. This is the data for August 26th.

Free cells are different. Some are of high quality, others are in a terrible state. So it’s not surprising there are corrupt schemes that dishonestly distribute such temporary housing. The money received from paying for such cells goes to repair ordinary ones. This is one of the tasks of this fund.

What are the prices for cells in the pre-trial detention center?

It becomes clear that their cost is moderate considering the prices of paid cameras. If you rent “housing” in a pre-trial detention center in Lukyanovka, you need to pay 2 000 hryvnia per day, and 12 000 hryvnia per month for example. So it is cheaper if you pay for a longer period.

This service is cheaper in Dnipro. The day costs 800 hryvnias, and for a month 3060 hryvnias. It looks like a budget apartment renting.

You have to pay 570 hryvnias per day in Zaporizhia, and 3410 hryvnias per month. The conclusion is that the smaller the city, the cheaper the prices for such a service.

Nobody demands to pay for such “pleasure”. You can stay in a regular cell, but paid “apartments” make you feel more comfortable. This initiative is of great benefit, assessing all the consequences. The experiment will last until 2022. The government will decide then whether or not to abandon the practice, or consolidate it at the legislative level.

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