The Verkhovna Rada has changed the age limit for officials: is there a way for young people?

The Verkhovna Rada has changed the age limit for officials: is there a way for young people?

The persons over 65 could not become civil servants previously. The Verkhovna Rada changed this restriction on December 16. The maximum age of an official is 70 years now. A nominee can only be appointed for one year of his own free will from the age of 65. The re-election takes place annually. It is not at all necessary to hold elections. The average life expectancy in Ukraine is only 71 years according to the World Health Organization. This is less than that of our European neighbors.

What are the age limits for government officials?

The new law extends the term of service in local government too. The chairmen of each local, village or district council adopt new rules on the periods of stay of officials annually. For example, the maximum service life is 67 years in one year, or it us 69 in another.

There are restrictions on increasing the maximum term of an official: no more than five years. So they cannot exceed the mark of seventy years. The authors of such a bill are confident it will eliminate discrimination against officials. They clarify the international norms were applied when creating the document. Similar rules apply in Germany and France. But the level of longevity is higher here.

No one thinks about protecting the interests of society. The deputies are guided by the interests of the officials themselves. This increases the number of old politicians in local councils. It becomes more difficult for young professionals to compete with Soviet-era politicians and officials. The explanatory note to the law “On stimulating the growth of public confidence in institutions in Ukraine” looks ridiculous.

The old political elites do not allow young specialists to occupy leadership positions among officials. A citizen must be 25 years old to become a deputy of the Verkhovna Radaat present. The average age of the deputies is higher than the minimum age. At the same time, a significant number of politicians were formed as individuals during the times when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. It affects the policy of the state. The authorities are usually conservatives. They do not allow the country to reform according to modern standards.