The walrus lay down to rest in the Arctic, and woke up in the British Isles

The walrus lay down to rest in the Arctic, and woke up in the British Isles

In mid-March, a walrus was spotted on a beach in Ireland. It has never been seen in this ecosystem. Experts believe the most likely theory for the appearance of this animal here is the walrus could have swum across the Atlantic Ocean from Greenland on an iceberg broke away from the main glacier. This became possible due to global warming. It caused the melting of glaciers at the north and south poles.

Is the local media reporting this incident?

“A tourist without a visa” to Ireland was noticed by local residents. Alan Houlihan and his five-year-old daughter were the first to see the walrus when they walked along the beach on the island of Kerry.

According to zoologists, most walruses live in the Arctic Circle, where the temperature is most optimal for them. But they rarely come to Ireland. For the first time such a case was recorded 100 years ago. But after this incident, nothing like this happened until the 80s of the twentieth century. Over the past three decades, more than twenty walrus tourists have arrived in Ireland. However, only this walrus was officially photographed. It became a sensation.

Interestingly, an adult walrus can grow up to almost four meters in length, and its weight is often one and a half tons. This means that such an animal weighs like a small passenger transport. In a person who recently swam, he reaches one meter in height, and his fangs are thirty centimeters in length. It can be assumed the walrus is still a teenager. Scientists believe that approaching the walrus is not worth it, because it causes him stress and does not allow him to rest. As soon as he recovers from the long journey, he will return home.