What does a notary do?

What does a notary do?

Notary – a person who is empowered to carry out notarial activities on a public and private basis. The main task of notaries within the law is to certify rights and other documents so that they acquire legal force. They also perform other notarial acts provided by law.

The need to use the services of a notary service arises when written evidence of certain actions is more reliable than verbal. Because it has legal force and gives documents and evidence probative value.

The professional duties of a notary are in the following activities:

1. Cognitive (analysis and research of submitted documents).

2. Communicative (communication with persons who have applied for notarial services).

3. Certifying (certification of documents, rights and facts and other notarial acts that establish the legality and legality of civil rights).

In his work, the notary relies on such legal bases as:

⦁ the law “About notarity”;

⦁ Constitution;

⦁ Regulations on the algorithm of notarial acts;

⦁ regulatory documents.

 There are public and private notaries. Certified documents of both have identical legal force.
What are his main responsibilities?

The main responsibilities of notaries include assisting persons who apply to them to certify their rights and to protect their interests. They should also, if necessary, explain their legal rights and obligations, warn what exactly the consequences may be after the performance of certain notarial services. This is done so that the person is not harmed by legal ignorance. The notary must keep in strict secrecy all information and data obtained after the commission of lawful acts. He is obliged to refuse to provide services if there is a non-compliance with the norms of an international agreement or the legislation of Ukraine.

The main responsibilities of notary offices:

⦁ certificates of wills, documents, agreements, powers of attorney, etc .;

⦁ issuance of certificates of the possibility of inheritance, property rights and others;

⦁ execution of the description of property;

⦁ certification of copies of documents, certificates, etc .;

⦁ transfer of documents from one person to another;

⦁ acceptance of documents for safekeeping, etc.

There is a more detailed list of actions of the notary.

If the notarial deed is performed improperly, it is considered invalid.

So the work of notarity is to officially confirm certain facts or rights of the person. If you want to get qualified help in the shortest possible time, then the UniExpert application is ideal for you. You will be able to quickly find the necessary notary office and a specialist who will help you in resolving issues. Users’ reviews will help you make the right choice.

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