What services does a lawyer provide? When we need its help?

What services does a lawyer provide? When we need its help?

“I need a lawyer” – have you heard this phrase from movies and TV series? This legal adviser helps protect client’s rights. What it speaks and what employee it provides.

When do you need a lawyer and how will it helps? The list of services depends on what types of cases the lawyer helps with. There is a basic list of service for all cases:

● Legal consultation

● Statement claim’s  preparation

● Participate in the trial.

● Litigation in the court of first instance.

It is important to choose a broad specialist. This way you are guaranteed get help from a qualified professional. If you are involved in an accident, the lawyer can analyze the materials, provide professional advice in the case. Then you will know exactly what to do next and how to defend your own interests in court.

Criminal lawyer – why is it more expensive?

It is one thing when a person has received a fine and wants to appeal this decision in court. All you need is a lawyer’s consultation during the week. And if this is a suspicion of murder, the client is under suspicion and was detained, the lawy er must act quickly. You can’t wait! You can say something wrong under the influence of emotions.After all the lawyer will have to work in the court with “bad cards”. A criminal case is difficult for a lawyer in that he needs his immediate presence, no matter what day or time the client is detained.

Also, the meeting will not take place in a comfortable lawyer’s office, but in a cramped and dark room. This creates some stress and pressure even on an experienced specialist. During interrogations, investigators and the prosecutor constantly go to the breach and hurry somewhere, trying to storm the suspect. So there is not the best working conditions for a criminal lawyer. And we need to act quickly and there is not always time to think about the strategy and find the right arguments. The usual services of a lawyer in criminal cases – is a discussion with the client, the development of tactics and strategies of defense, writing documents:

● Complaints

● Appeals

● Petition

Mistakes or omissions by a lawyer can have bad consequences. That is why it is important to look for an experienced and proven specialist in serious matters. The effectiveness of the protection of your rights and freedoms will depend on the quality of the services provided by them.  To choose the right specialist, you can use the UNIEXPERT platform, where you will find the best specialist around you.  

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