What kind of pension will Ukrainian migrant workers receive at home? What can you count on?

What kind of pension will Ukrainian migrant workers receive at home? What can you count on?

As you know, those Ukrainians who work abroad do not receive insurance experience in Ukraine. These people have a question – will they be able to receive a pension in Ukraine and what are the chances for this?

What do you need to get a Ukrainian pension?

This year in our country, people who have sufficient insurance experience at the level of 28 years, as well as those who have reached sixty years, can receive pensions. Moreover, if at this age there is not enough work experience for 28 years, then at 63 years old it is enough to have eighteen years of experience, and at 65 years old only 15 years will be enough to retire.

It is important to understand the insurance experience is not the number of years worked by a person, but the number of months during which SSC were paid per person to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. This means no seniority is accrued without paying taxes. However, if workers worked abroad legally, then they have the opportunity to receive a Ukrainian pension.

This does not apply to all countries, but only to those with which pension agreements have been concluded. In order to receive a pension in Ukraine, you need to accumulate work experience either in our state or in a certain list of countries that have signed a territorial agreement on retirement experience. The list is indicated on the website of the Ministry of Ukraine. It is responsible for social policy. These include the CIS countries, as well as Romania and Hungary. Service work in these states is counted as insurance experience in Ukraine. Such agreements exist between our countries.

The size of the pension will depend on the salary that the Ukrainian received in Hungary, Russia, Belarus etc. Ukraine has agreements on a proportional pension system with some countries. There is a chance to receive not only a Ukrainian pension, but, for example, a Czech or Polish one.

How to get a foreign pension?

Our country has signed agreements on pensions under the proportional system with nine European countries. Among them are the Baltics, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Portugal and the Czech Republic. This means that each country will pay an appropriate portion of the pension. The Ukrainian has worked for 15 years in Ukraine and 13 years in the Czech Republic.

Consequently, he will receive part of his pension in one country and part in another. At the same time, it is important to take into account the total length of service of a person is higher than the minimum in both countries. For example, in Ukraine it is 28 years, and in Poland – 25, if the work experience is 26 years, then you can receive only Polish, and then Ukrainian pension.

It is necessary to take into account the different retirement ages. In Poland, you can retire at least 65 years old, and in our country – five years earlier. Each country independently determines the size of the pension, taking into account wages and length of service.

What documents do you need to collect for the appointment of a pension?

If an employee has worked in countries where the pension agreement is based on a territorial principle, then it is enough just to contact the Ukrainian pension fund. It is necessary to provide certificates from the place of work both in Ukraine and abroad. As well as a social security number from another country and a copy of your passport.

If you worked in countries with proportional agreements, it is important to apply to the territorial body in the country where you worked. You can live in Ukraine and receive pensions from another country by mail or card transfer. Or live there and receive a Ukrainian pension from Ukraine.