How can you get unemployment benefits and who is eligible?

How can you get unemployment benefits and who is eligible?

Over the past year, many people have remained unemployed. This was influenced by a number of factors, and a quarantine played a significant role in this. However, all Ukrainians know they can receive financial assistance from the state in the event of involuntary unemployment. Such a system is practiced in many countries of the world and allows a person to have financial resources for a certain time in order to stay afloat until he finds a new job.

What is the amount of unemployment benefits?

This amount will depend on how long the person has been insured over the past year. If less than six months, then payments will be at least 650 hryvnia. But for the quarantine period, this amount will be at the level of one thousand hryvnia. If over the past twelve months the insurance experience is more than six months, then a Ukrainian can receive at least 1800 hryvnia of assistance per month. This is only the minimum amount, not the maximum.

What is length of insurance? These are social security contributions paid by officially employed workers. The unemployment benefit level will also depend on the amount of deductions and their duration. However, the maximum amount of financial assistance has its limitations. This amount cannot exceed four living wages for able-bodied persons. Now this amount is slightly more than 9000 hryvnia.

How is unemployment benefit calculated?

There is a special scheme for calculating unemployment benefits. Two factors are important – the size of the salary, as well as the length of service. If the work experience is up to two years, then in this case you can count only on fifty percent of the average salary. But if, for example, work experience was more than ten years, then the amount of assistance will be 70% of the salary. If the experience is from two to six years, then 55% of the average salary. If the work experience is from six to ten, then payments are at the level of 60% of wages.

Who is eligible for unemployment benefits?

Every Ukrainian who has been left without work can receive financial assistance from the state for unemployment. At the same time, the status of unemployed can be obtained not only by an employee, but also by an entrepreneur who has lost income. There were quite a few of them during the quarantine. Who else can claim the status of unemployed in Ukraine?

✅ Adolescents under the age of sixteen who were already employed but were released due to the closure of a business or the downsizing of the head office.

✅ Persons of working age, before the appointment of a pension, who have no earnings and are ready to work

✅ Disabled people of working age who receive social assistance or disability pension.

Contact the local employment center and provide all possible information.