Where is it cheaper to live? The rating of Ukrainian cities by the cost of housing

Where is it cheaper to live? The rating of Ukrainian cities by the cost of housing

It’s no secret that salaries and prices vary significantly in different regions of Ukraine. It depends on many market mechanisms operating around the world. This is why some areas can be called cheap while others are expensive. Are you interested in which regions people least paid for food?

What data does state committee of Ukraine provide?

Government statistics assess data on consumer prices for basic services and goods every month.

The most expensive life is the Cherkasy region. But for the cheapest life, it is better to choose Zhitomir. This is if you live in your own apartment or house.

If we add rental housing to the cost, the first places are taken by Kiev, Lviv region and Odessa region. This is not surprising. The cost of housing there has always been in the first place in the ranking.

To the surprise of experts, the Cherkasy region took first place in the cost of living due to the high cost of products and dental services. They are significantly higher than prices for similar products in other regions.

Where are the cheapest food products in Ukraine?

A bread weighing half a kilogram could be bought in Ukraine for an average of 14 hryvnia in August of this year. Volyn residents paid the most – 16 hryvnia. The cheapest bread was in Nikolaev region. It is for only 11.60 hryvnia. The cheapest is Dnepropetrovsk also on the list.

The cheapest chicken fillet is in the Kharkiv region. It is 87 hryvnia. It is better to buy milk on the shelves Rivne, Chernivtsi and Lviv regions. The cost is about 23 hryvnia. The average price for a liter of milk was 25 hryvnia in Ukraine in August.
The cheapest potatoes were for residents of the Poltava region at the end of September. It cost about eight hryvnia. It was profitable to buy this vegetable in the Chernihiv and Ternopil regions also. It was most expensive to buy in Kiev. It is not surprising. Potatoes cost a little more than eleven hryvnias there.

Where is the cheapest treatment in Ukraine?

The cost of 10 tablets in Ukraine is 10.5 UAH on average. The prices vary greatly across regions. For example, such tablets cost only 8.50 UAH in Dnepropetrovsk region and it is 12.30 UAH in Donetsk region.

Dental prices vary even more. For example, if you want to treat your teeth, the best option is Zhytomyr region. It costs up to 400 hryvnia there. It will cost an average of 1130 hryvnia if you turning to a specialist in Cherkasy region.

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