Where will paper work books disappear and what will replace them?

Where will paper work books disappear and what will replace them?

The workbooks must be properly stored and protected from scratches and other damage. If something happens to this book, the employee needs to go through 7 circles of bureaucratic hell to restore the document and all the data in it. There are just some of the reasons why it is important to implement an e-workbook.

Why did we start talking about electronic databases of employee records?

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill on the introduction of electronic work books in the first reading. This means the bill will have to be passed in the second reading after voting on amendments prior to formal approval by the President. If this initiative is adopted, it will bring the following positive changes:

✅ Automatic pension accrual

✅ No need to worry about lost documents

✅ A person will receive all the information about work experience and accruals pensions, as well as all taxes paid through the electronic cabinet

✅ If some documents are missing, they can be submitted electronically without queues and time consuming.

✅ Business saves a lot of administrative resources were wasted for storing and working with paper books

✅ There will be less disagreement over the pension calculation, since it will be easier to record the employment and length of service

It is important to note this innovation will help solve the problem of returning work books to both the employee and the employer. All data will be entered into the electronic register. So the employee will only have to check if the information has been entered correctly.

This means the day the work book is returned will be considered the day of dismissal. Previously, the employee often avoided the work book return process to extend the lines of appeal to the court.

The employee can leave his paper book if desired. All you have to do is ask the employer to enter the data both in an electronic database and in a paper book.

This is relevant for those who are afraid of hacker attacks on servers for storing information about work experience. The introduction of the new system will make the process of calculating pensions more transparent according to experts.

What are the risks of e-workbooks?

New opportunities always increase the responsibility level. Anyone, who will receive an electronic work book, should make sure that the official was not mistaken or deliberately not replaced the data in the electronic system.

The question is still relevant : how exactly the state will control the confidentiality of this data because we often hear about scandals related to the disclosure of confidential information. Of course, corruption risks will remain. Since it is possible for a certain bribe add seniority to an e-book. But, on the other hand, it will be much easier for law enforcement agencies to track changes electronically than to check every paper book.

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