The rules for changing first name, last name and patronymic

The rules for changing first name, last name and patronymic

In Ukraine, every citizen can change the last name, first name or patronymic from the age of 16 at their discretion. This is stated in the Law. With parental consent, this can be done at an earlier age – at the age of 14.

From the age of 14, a person has the right to change his surname and (or) first name and / or patronymic with the consent of one of the parents, if:

1️⃣ the second parent died, declared missing, declared dead, declared partially incapacitated, completely incapacitated, deprived of parental rights in relation to this child;

2️⃣ information about the father (mother) of the child is excluded from the act of her birth or if information about the husband as the father of the child is included in the act of her birth at the request of the mother.

If one of the parents objects to changing the child’s patronymic, such a dispute can be resolved by the guardianship and guardianship authority or the court. When resolving a dispute, the performance by the parents of their obligations towards the child and other circumstances are taken into account.

With the application for the change of name, the following documents must be submitted:

✅ passport and birth certificate of the applicant;

✅ marriage certificate (if the applicant is married) or divorce (if the marriage is dissolved);

✅ birth certificates of children (if the embraced person has minor children);

✅ certificates of change in the name of the applicant, father or mother, if it was changed earlier;

✅ a photo;

✅ receipt of payment of state duty.

The CRACS divisions review the name change application within 3 months. This period can be extended, but for no more than three months, if there are compelling reasons for this. The conclusion on the possibility of changing the name is provided by the territorial body of the National Police at the applicant’s place of residence. Once approved, the applicant must contact CRACS to record the change in first or last name. If you do not do this within 3 months without a valid reason, the permit will expire.

However, there are reasons why you may be refused a name change. Namely – in the case of:

? initiation of a criminal case against the applicant or finding him under administrative supervision;

? the applicant has a criminal record has not been canceled or removed in the manner prescribed by law;

? an official request from law enforcement agencies of foreign states to declare the applicant’s wanted list;

? submission by the applicant of false information.